Nowy klip od Hell's Guardian
Włoska kapela HELL'S GUARDIAN grająca Epic Melodic Death Metal 14-ego września 2018 roku wydała swój drugi album studyjny zatytułowany "As Above So Below". Grupa nadal promuje swój ostatni krążek publikując na początku nowego roku klip do utworu 'Blood Must Have Blood'. Możecie go obejrzeć w TYM MIEJSCU.

Cesare • growl, gitara
Freddie • gitara
Claudio • chórki, bas
Dylan • perkusja

Lista utworów "As Above So Below": 01. Over The Line 01:40 (instrumental); 02. Crystal Door 05:27; 03. As Above So Below 04:13; 04. Blood Must Have Blood 04:38; 05. Waiting… For Nothing 01:15 (instrumental); 06. 90 Days 07:26; 07. Lake Of Blood 05:10; 08. Jester Smile 04:44; 09. My Guide My Hunger (feat. Adrienne Cowan & Marco Pastorino) 05:30; 10. I Rise Up 05:52; 11. Colorful Dreams (feat. Ark Nattlig Ulv) 05:14


In 2009, guitarist Freddie Formis and his brother, drummer Dylan, lifted their own band HELL'S GUARDIAN from the creative baptismal font.

Cesare Damiolini was determined to rhythm guitar and from then he fervently took over the growl vocals. Claudio Cor then strapped on the bass guitar, and it could really start for these hot-blooded Italians.

After the completion of the line-up, the participants were able to present the first demo a year later. 
In 2014, the debut album "Follow Your Fate" was presented with healthy pride, flanked by various live gigs.

Cesare • Growl vocal & guitar
Freddie • Guitar
Claudio • Choirs & bass
Dylan • Drums
In a richly worth listening, play-cultural high-quality intersection of Amorphis, Edge Of Sanity and In Flames, the band has meanwhile musically found itself entirely.

The quartet's EPIC MELODIC DEATH METAL, which was arranged as elaborately as lovingly and often upliftingly pompous, also made its own unique, stylistically and thematically unbreakable way.

In July 2015, the lombard hellguardians released an EP titled "Ex Adversis Resurgo", which was able to receive many positive responses.

Furthermore, HELL'S GUARDIAN was back on so many stages, and this also with established acts like Amorphis, Children Of Bodom and Sabaton.

A bravely completed Eastern European tour can also be presented, in which the Italian-based Melodic Heavy Metallers Temperance were energetically and playfully supported on their Metal Invasion Tour.

At the end of 2017, HELL'S GUARDIAN and producer Fabrizio Romani began recording the new album in his Media Factory studio, which received the symbolically sacral title "As Above So Below".

The second album "As Above So Below" was officially released on September 14th, 2018.

01. Over The Line 01:40 (instrumental)
02. Crystal Door 05:27
03. As Above So Below 04:13
04. Blood Must Have Blood 04:38
05. Waiting… For Nothing 01:15 (instrumental)
06. 90 Days 07:26
07. Lake Of Blood 05:10
08. Jester Smile 04:44
09. My Guide My Hunger (feat. Adrienne Cowan & Marco Pastorino) 05:30
10. I Rise Up 05:52
11. Colorful Dreams (feat. Ark Nattlig Ulv) 05:14

total: 51:09 min.

Official Musik Video for 'Blood Must Have Blood'
Youtube link:

Temperance vocalist Michele Guaitoli, who also sings in Visions Of Atlantis, mixed the songs at the Groove Factory Studio and did the mastering to give the material a reasonably intense sound for the heavy scores. (Markus Eck)

2010 Hell's Guardian (Demo)
2014 Follow Your Fate (Full-length)
2015 Ex Adversis Resurgo (EP)
2018 As Above So Below (Full-length)
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